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Give Yourself a Break (No, Really): Here’s Why

Whenever people are experiencing a setback or challenge, it helps to take a step back and figure out what is happening to get better perspective. When you are right in the middle of something, perhaps a difficult situation at work, dealing with triggers in recovery, or some other issues, it is hard to gain properRead More

How Do I Cope with Change in Addiction Recovery?

Change is defined differently by different people. It may be defined as the act of making or becoming different. Those are small words for an often series of tumultuous acts. Change can be sudden and unexpected. No matter how much we plan for change, it can throw people for a loop. Anxiety and fear canRead More

What Are the Effects of Meperidine Withdrawal?

Withdrawal is a set of predictable symptoms that occur after abrupt discontinuation of Meperidine. If you stop a dose after repeated long use, there will be withdrawal symptoms of varying severity. Symptoms may be physical or psychological. Withdrawal is a sign of physical dependence. To combat this, learn more about Meperidine withdrawal and what canRead More

Get Eustress in Recovery for Greater Inner Peace

If you have not heard of this word before, this provides a whole new perspective on the idea of stress. Stress can come in any form. It is like a feeling that the walls are closing in or that you are treading water. Eu is Greek that means ‘good’ or ‘well.’ Euphoria and euphemism useRead More

How Do People Cope with Loss in Recovery and Stay Sober?

When a loved one dies from addiction, it can be very scary. Anytime someone passes away it is very difficult and challenging to process. Coping with this loss in recovery, and remaining sober, is another challenge altogether. Especially if you want to stay clean and not relapse. Learn some tips for how to cope inRead More

Learn Some Ways Healthy Eating Can Support Recovery

The right diet alone won’t enable a person to overcome substance addiction but there are many ways healthy eating can help. A nutritious, balanced diet should be part of any form of addiction treatment that supports long term recovery. Preparing and Eating Healthy Food The benefits of healthy eating apply to everyone, especially for peopleRead More

How to Stop Spinning Out from Codependency and Addiction

Codependency is not diagnosable as a mental health condition but it is an issue therapists often see as a challenge for people with addiction. This personality disorder has origins in childhood experiences, as does substance abuse. These two problems feed one another and can severely hamper a person’s ability to live a happy life. ThereRead More

How Do I Approach Aftercare Planning?

When it comes to aftercare planning, it is essential to find people who will help build a plan that can support long lasting recovery. Aftercare can include many things, depending on the individual. Learn more about aftercare planning and how to make the best choices for your individual circumstances. Keep Pressure On Coerced treatment canRead More

Fall is a Great Teacher on the Art of Letting Go

The seasons have a lot to teach people about how to live and how to let go. When you watch leaves change colors and fall to the ground, it is a sign autumn is here. This land between summer and winter is a journey that people in recovery understand well. If you are struggling withRead More

What to Do When You Keep Fighting Self-Compassion

Recovery from addiction is hard enough without doling out the hits on yourself. It may be hard to look at yourself with eyes of compassion when you realize all the damage done from addiction, but under the layers of pain are also years of hurt and trauma that need attending to (which requires an enormousRead More