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Pilox Your Way to Health and Fitness in Recovery

When CrossFit gained in popularity, fitness enthusiasts predicted it would fade away and nobody would remember anything about it. CrossFit gained in strength and became a popular form of fitness training. A new trend is now taking the world by storm: Piloxing. Piloxing is a form of boxing and Pilates meshed together for a coreRead More

Learn Some Ways Healthy Eating Can Support Recovery

The right diet alone won’t enable a person to overcome substance addiction but there are many ways healthy eating can help. A nutritious, balanced diet should be part of any form of addiction treatment that supports long term recovery. Preparing and Eating Healthy Food The benefits of healthy eating apply to everyone, especially for peopleRead More

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is raging hot right now, but it may not be a good fit for everyone. Ketogenic diets are usaully high in fat and low in carbs. The nutritional world seems to always have an ‘answer to fixing our health,’ but it is important to know the pros and cons of different dietRead More

Harness the Power of Food for a Healthy Recovery

Food can be very helpful in recovery. In early recovery, it is especially helpful to get the mind and body on track again. Learning to harness the power of food and exercise can not only enhance recovery, but also revolutionize a person’s life by supporting long term mental and physical health. Learn more about theRead More

Incorporate These Go-To Foods for a Healthier You

Recovery is a difficult journey with so many changes happening. One of the biggest and best changes you can make is to your diet. Giving up some junk food is imperative to getting on the road to being healthier in sobriety. Not only will you likely lose extra pounds, you may not realize how muchRead More

Why “Clean Eating” Labels May Do More Harm Than Good

If you spend hours a week prepping meals and trying to get your food menu in order, you may be trying too hard to find ‘safe’ foods that you aren’t even enjoying food any longer. Spending excessive amounts of time on worrying about food may not make you healthier, it may raise your anxiety andRead More