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What Do Low Dopamine Levels Have to Do with Depression in Recovery?

Addiction is complex, affecting the body, mind, and spirit. People who suffer from addiction find it may be helpful to understand how the brain works in addiction. Low dopamine levels, especially, can play a role in how people experience depression in recovery. Dopamine as Brain Chemical Dopamine’s role in addiction and recovery is not completelyRead More

Why Dual Diagnosis is Finally Getting Well-Deserved Attention

Addiction can take a toll on your body but many don’t realize how it harms your emotional health as well. Addressing addiction means finding ways to heal the underlying cause of substance use with a gentle approach. Trauma treatment requires a cohesive approach that is holistic. Trauma-Informed Care Providers are now paying more attention toRead More

Childhood Bullying Can Have a Lasting Impact: Here’s Why

Bullying is a phenomena that children seem to experience from peers, regardless of age. It negatively impacts self-esteem, confidence, and can even have lasting psychological impacts on a person’s mental health long term. Not only can it be harmful in the days, weeks, and months following bullying, it may actually last well into adulthood. LearnRead More

What’s the Link Between Stress and Addiction?

Even if a person does not have to have a genetic predisposition to suffer from substance use disorder, the toll it takes can be immense if it hits. More often, people are exhibiting signs of stress that alter the brain, making it susceptible to addiction. Everyone has triggers that lead to people drinking, using drugsRead More

The 7 Signs of Depression to Watch Out For

Mental health is as important, if not more important, than physical health. It can really be difficult to get sober and clean when a person’s mind is not right. Thoughts of feeling down, anxious, or not happy can begin to play on a person’s emotional state and create a challenge for getting on the roadRead More

These Tips May Help You Relieve Anxiety Without Meds

It may be hard to imagine finding peace without drugs or alcohol. It may be difficult to face each day if you also struggle with anxiety. Medication can be very helpful in coping but sometimes it feels good to explore medication-free options that may help you cope with that rising anxiety. Anxiety Addicts The troubleRead More

Bid Adieu to Anxiety: Here’s How

Anxiety is not something to wish on your worst enemy. It is one of those thieves in the night that comes when you least expect it, seemingly out of nowhere, and robs you of joy and peace in the moment. Long lasting anxiety, over time, can wear you out. It may be time to findRead More