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Give Yourself a Break (No, Really): Here’s Why

Whenever people are experiencing a setback or challenge, it helps to take a step back and figure out what is happening to get better perspective. When you are right in the middle of something, perhaps a difficult situation at work, dealing with triggers in recovery, or some other issues, it is hard to gain properRead More

Get Sleep Hygiene in Order (and Why it Matters)

When the kids go back to school, when life gets in order again, and when it seems everything is at greater peace, life overall seems to go more smoothly. Difficulty getting to sleep can come from lots of places, but it is important to practice good hygiene in sleep habits as well as overall healthRead More

The Quiet Epidemic of Nurses Struggling with Addiction

Alcohol and drug dependence among nurses is a burgeoning challenge for the healthcare profession. Nurses are quickly becoming the backbone of the nation’s healthcare system as doctors become more burdened with paperwork and insurance issues, which leaves less time for patient interaction. Nurses are left to do more day-to-day tasks of caring for people andRead More

3 Ways to Get Yourself into a Good Place Again

Even when a person is deep in addiction, they almost always want to get into a good place. Somewhere, deep down, they know what is going on is not the end all, be all, and there has to be something better. Looking around at a trashed out living space, bank account, and social circle willRead More

How to Cope When Natural Disaster Strikes

The United States seems to be experiencing lots of natural disasters the past few years. Currently there is a hurricane and tropical storm hitting the coastal Carolinas that is leaving devastating flooding in its wake, ravaging communities. Wildfires have broken out that are taking homes down in one fell swoop, burning out of control forRead More

Why Can’t I Just Be a Perfectionist?

Being a perfectionist is not about things being perfect, it is about thinking things need to be perfect and pursuing those. Emotionally, this means instead of living your life in a place of acceptance, perfectionists are on a treadmill chasing the feeling of having it all be ‘right.’ Even if a perfectionist smiles on theRead More