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Why Can’t I Just Be a Perfectionist?

Being a perfectionist is not about things being perfect, it is about thinking things need to be perfect and pursuing those. Emotionally, this means instead of living your life in a place of acceptance, perfectionists are on a treadmill chasing the feeling of having it all be ‘right.’ Even if a perfectionist smiles on theRead More

The 6 Ways Running Can Improve Your Life

Perhaps you have gotten into a routine where you go out to eat with friends, work long hours, and stay up late. All those things add up eventually to pounds of fat in your body, stress in your life, and many other ways that lifestyle can impact how you feel. Being healthy is a holisticRead More

Healthy Selfishness is Okay (Really)

A lot of people will tell you that being selfish is not okay, in fact, it can be damaging to your recovery. Pathological selfishness is not a wrong thing, unless you are narcissistic. Everyone needs to grab hold of their selfishness now and again and give it a good shake to get the cobwebs out.Read More

Is Too Much Self-Improvement a Bad Thing?

Self-improvement is a worthwhile pursuit. Our minds and bodies are highly adaptable and versatile, to an extent. The realization that we can empower ourselves is one that helps propel us further into what we want to achieve in life. When you want to achieve goals, just envision the outcome. If you want to get ridRead More

What Can I Do to Repair a Bad Reputation?

We all make bad decisions now and again. Maybe someone is making up lies about you, trying to hurt you, or maybe you have hurt other people. You may feel that trying to counteract the hard things is difficult but it takes time to rebuild a reputation once it has been taken apart. Try theseRead More

What Workaholism Looks Like (and How to Cut it Out)

There are some signs to look for if you or someone you love may struggle with working too much. Workaholism can become addiction quickly if the issues are not addressed. It can lead to family and relationship issues, co-occurring disorders, and physical signs of distress including heart disease and high blood pressure. The signs ofRead More

Healthy Friendships Can Be a Lifeline in Sobriety

It can be hard to know what are healthy friendships and relationships, and which ones are not in sobriety. The truth is, we make friends for life, or so we think. When we become sober, we realize they may not be healthy for us. Sometimes letting go of a toxic relationship can be the healthiestRead More