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What is Alcoholic Myopathy?

Often in recovery, a person will experience numerous physical and mental effects of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. The toxic effects of alcohol on the body and mind are well documented. Far more than lack of muscular coordination and other issues, there is a lesser known challenge called alcoholic myopathy. This is a debilitating condition thatRead More

How Does Alcohol Change the Brain?

What happens when alcohol enters the system and changes the brain makes a huge difference in how a person responds. Primarily, it is a depressant. Alcohol is also an indirect stimulant, and plays a few other roles. The brain chemistry of a person who is drinking shifts neurotransmitter levels, the chemical messengers that transmit signalsRead More

At Risk Occupations for Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol addiction is quite prevalent in the United States, with more than 17 million adults having an alcohol use disorder. There are many factors that contribute to developing an alcohol use disorder. Occupation is one of the factors that influence addiction and drug dependence. Whether it is on the job, during breaks, or before andRead More

This Brain Receptor May Block Alcohol Addiction

The activation of a specific receptor in the brain cells may ease certain alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This may help treat alcohol addiction for millions of people who struggle each year. Find out more about how this brain receptor works and why it can have such a positive impact on alcohol addiction. Brain Receptors The receptorRead More

Can Excessive Drinking Cause Seizures?

Most people are aware that severe alcohol withdrawal can cause seizures. Prolonged heavy drinking causes a rise in the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate and a decrease in the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. If this imbalance is severe enough, your nerves can start firing haphazardly, causing a seizure, which can be fatal. Beyond this, the relationship between alcoholRead More

Who Gets to Decide Whether I am an Alcoholic or Not?

There are many questions and opinions about alcohol and addiction. Sometimes people are confused about consumption guidelines and wonder if they fall into the category of being a problem drinker who struggles with alcoholism. There are some clues and cues as to whether a person has a drinking problem. Drinking Habits Versus Addiction When aRead More

Why Drunkorexia is a Dangerous Trend in Drinking Behavior

College students tend to drink more than non-college peers, on average. Drinking responsibly is not normally seen on the average college scene. Risky drinking has been given a new term “drunkorexia” which refers to restricting calories and not eating to prevent weight gain from alcohol. This is not just a serious risk for college students,Read More