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These 5 Signs May Indicate Rehab Should Be in Your Future

A structured rehab program for drug addiction is a necessary step for people recovering from substance abuse. Many people with addiction avoid formal care provided by rehab and try to do it alone. There are some signs to watch out for that drug use has gotten out of control and you need help that onlyRead More

The High Risk of Addiction for Educators (and Tips to Seek Help)

Teachers are the most underpaid and underappreciated of all professions. At least, this is what many believe, especially given the longer hours and more tenuous circumstances they find themselves in due to the volatility of education. Budget cuts, skeptical parents, school violence, and shifting policies in education make it challenge for teachers, administrators, and othersRead More

What to Do When You Keep Fighting Self-Compassion

Recovery from addiction is hard enough without doling out the hits on yourself. It may be hard to look at yourself with eyes of compassion when you realize all the damage done from addiction, but under the layers of pain are also years of hurt and trauma that need attending to (which requires an enormousRead More

Why Dual Diagnosis is Finally Getting Well-Deserved Attention

Addiction can take a toll on your body but many don’t realize how it harms your emotional health as well. Addressing addiction means finding ways to heal the underlying cause of substance use with a gentle approach. Trauma treatment requires a cohesive approach that is holistic. Trauma-Informed Care Providers are now paying more attention toRead More

Why Are Bath Salts So Dangerous?

There are many different drugs emerging on the black market and out in the open. Some are not as well known as others. One of those drugs is called bath salts. This is not to be confused with actual bath salts used to bathe in a tub, these are actually highly dangerous to people whoRead More

Can I Meditate My Way Out of Addiction?

Sitting quietly cannot cure addiction but it can provide a respite from the challenges of detox and recovery. The reality of addiction is that it is a journey of a thousand choices and steps, each one can further support or detract from your journey forward. Mindfulness and meditation can continue to build a positive spaceRead More

Survival Tips for Making it Through the Holidays Sober

Most holidays stir up intense memories for people struggling with addiction and recovery. Perhaps there are some good memories in there, but most often it is the challenging associations and relationships that feel most difficult around the holiday season. For many families, it can be the most stressful (not wonderful) time of the year. IfRead More

How Does Dental Care Relate to Addiction (and Recovery)?

There is a hidden mouth-body connection that often gets missed when discussing nutrition and health. The mouth is the gateway for the entire body. Dental health provides clues to underlying health issues. For people in recovery from addiction, dental care is key to keeping the entire mind and body healthy. Microbiome and Health Dental healthcareRead More