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What Should People Know About Peyote Addiction?

Peyote is a hallucinogenic drug used by Native American tribes in ceremonies. People who used it would take it to assist their spiritual journey. Mescaline is the active ingredient in Peyote, a spineless cactus growing in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. The mescaline comes from the crown which is on top of theRead More

Why Do Some People Start Using Drugs and Alcohol?

Some people who turn to alcohol or drugs to numb out turn away from the causes of their initial problems. Understanding why some use drugs and alcohol is a complex issue but one that is worth exploring as it can lead to answers of how people become addicted and how to best support their journeyRead More

The Role of Therapists in Reducing Stigma of Addiction

Although there have been some changes recently in how people with past addiction issues are seen by others, the process to change stigma has still been slow. Shame is the name of the game, unfortunately, but it does not have to continue that path. Therapists can play a key role in reducing the stigma ofRead More

Why is Addiction and Treatment Such a Complicated Issue?

Addiction and treatment are two complex issues that have been researched for decades. Researchers look for answers for how addiction starts, why it continues, and how to treat it, while people who struggle with addiction hope for answers that will support their recovery to bring hope for the future. Genetics Unlike medical problems, addiction cannotRead More

How to Support Recovery from Opiate Addiction with Healthy Eating Habits

Therapeutic treatment of substance use disorders can happen in many ways including through medication and counseling. Another way to support recovery from opiate addiction is through managing your eating habits. Healthy nutrition as part of a recovery program can boost metabolism, lower blood sugar, and support mental health. Find out some tips for supporting recoveryRead More

Why is Fentanyl Use Increasing Now?

Fentanyl has been around for a long time. It is nothing new to the marketplace, but its overuse has sped up in recent years and has become a widespread problem. The increase in availability of prescription opioids is one of the reasons along with the role of price in leading people who use it toRead More

How to Prepare for a Substance Abuse Counselor Interview

Being in an interview room with someone can be mentally taxing in and of itself, never mind the challenging nature of the work ahead when dealing with people who struggle with addiction. To prepare in advance of an interview, it is helpful to consider interview questions they might ask. The following list of tips mayRead More