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How Do I Help a Loved One with Painkiller Addiction?

When a loved one struggles with addiction to painkillers, it is hard to watch them slowly disintegrate and fall apart. There may be anxiety and fear along with anger and sadness about just wishing they could become sober and clean. Perhaps they are defensive about not needing help with addiction right now. Painkiller addiction isRead More

How Does Heroin Detox Work?

Heroin is a synthesized derivative of the opiate poppy. This highly addictive, recreational drug induces a euphoric state. Death is a real danger from overdose, impure heroin, or other substances added to it to adulterate the drug. Exposure to HIV and hepatitis B and C are also very real risks. It is one of theRead More

What Are the Basics of Behavioral Addiction?

Almost everyone thinks they understand addiction when it comes to substances like alcohol, nicotine, or drugs. Fewer people are aware that healthy, life-affirming behaviors can also become compulsions. Things like eating, having sex, and other types of behavioral addictions are part of being human but they can also kick up pleasure-related neurotransmitters that create pathwaysRead More

Why Does Sleep Apnea Appear in People Who Abuse Ecstasy?

Recreational users of the drug ecstasy may be putting themselves at risk of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea afflicts millions of Americans and is a common disorder that pauses breathing during sleep. It is important to understand why sleep apnea appears in people who abuse ecstasy and how people can get help for sleep disorders. EcstasyRead More

What Are Some Tips to Identify and Combat Shame?

Addictive behavior almost always has a shame element and commonly works like this: You have normal life stressors such as your job, financial worries, relationship problems and more. These stressors become overwhelming and prompt strong emotion, such as anxiety or depression that you don’t know how to handle. Because of this, you self-medicate with alcohol,Read More

The Quiet Epidemic of Nurses Struggling with Addiction

Alcohol and drug dependence among nurses is a burgeoning challenge for the healthcare profession. Nurses are quickly becoming the backbone of the nation’s healthcare system as doctors become more burdened with paperwork and insurance issues, which leaves less time for patient interaction. Nurses are left to do more day-to-day tasks of caring for people andRead More

The Hidden Crisis of Pharmacists and Addiction

Addiction does not discriminate who it impacts. Pharmacists are not immune to the challenges found with being addicted to alcohol or drugs. Healthcare professionals, overall, are prone to higher rates of substance abuse than the national average, due to the high amount of person-to-person contact they have at their jobs.  The rates of substance abuseRead More

How to Stop Spinning Out from Codependency and Addiction

Codependency is not diagnosable as a mental health condition but it is an issue therapists often see as a challenge for people with addiction. This personality disorder has origins in childhood experiences, as does substance abuse. These two problems feed one another and can severely hamper a person’s ability to live a happy life. ThereRead More

What Are the Symptoms of Xanax Withdrawal?

Xanax is a potent benzodiazepine, prescribed frequently to people who suffer from anxiety or panic disorders. Xanax works fast and this means withdrawal symptoms begin quickly and severely. Learn more about the symptoms of Xanax withdrawal and how to seek help for the symptoms. Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms Most people will start to feel symptoms withinRead More