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Can You Go Back to Drinking and Using Normally After Detox?

When you leave detox, no one is going to stop you from going back to drinking and using. You are your own person, and you have the authority to make decisions on how you want to live your life. However, most of us who have gone through detox, are not normal drinkers or drug users. We bypassed “normal” a long time ago, and once that happens, it is highly unlikely we can ever drink or use normally again.

The desire to be normal is quite possibly the biggest threat to an addict or alcoholic’s sobriety and life. The amount of us who have tried to go back out and be normal is countless. Many of us don’t make it back. After a period of sobriety, we have a tendency to forget how bad our life really was, and if we don’t work to keep ourselves in recovery, we may lose everything we have. Until we truly accept that we have absolutely no power or control over the disease of addiction, our relationships, job, home, freedom, and life are in serious jeopardy.

Once we’ve crossed the line of social drinking or using, the disease of addiction takes hold in our brain. Like type 1 diabetes, it doesn’t go away, no matter how much we want to be like other people. Unlike a person with type 1, we are able to treat our disease and put it into remission. This does not mean there is a cure for addiction, because we will never be normal drinkers or users again. Even if you have stopped drinking and using for years, your addiction is lying in wait, and the minute you pick up, it has you and it won’t let go.

The idea that we cannot go back to what was once considered a normal and non-problematic lifestyle of drinking or using, is discouraging, and quite frankly, terrifying. There is a solution to this: we only have to not drink or use today. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. Today is all we have, so there’s no reason to freak out about some future day that isn’t guaranteed to us in the first place. All we have to do is get through life one day at a time, and sometimes, one hour at a time. Give us a call, we are here to help you learn how to live and thrive without drugs and alcohol, because your recovery is possible.

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