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Can You Be Addicted To Moving Around?

Have you ever thought that moving somewhere else would solve all of your problems? If so, you are not alone. No matter what you are running from, if you have the disease of addiction, the problem is yourself and you will bring that problem wherever you go. It’s a harsh reality, and one that many of us have had to address.

The issues and problems we cause in our addiction can really add up. When our friends no longer want to hang out, we start looking elsewhere or we just isolate ourselves even more. If we get fired from our job, we blame it on our boss and swear we won’t go to that side of town again. Our relationships are in ruin, and honestly, we’re just sick and tired of everything and everyone around us. Living somewhere else sounds like a fantastic idea, and even better, it would be a fresh start.

Starting over is a great idea, just not in this manner. If we don’t stop drinking and using, our problems don’t just go away because we’ve moved. In fact, they get worse. A new location just means more opportunity to cause even more wreckage. If we don’t sober up, and put honest work into ourselves, nothing changes. We can’t begin to heal any wounds we’ve caused until we heal our own.

Until you can take a good, hard look at yourself and recognize that you have a problem, you can move all you want and nothing will improve. The solution is simple, and all it requires is a willingness to change. No one else can make the decision to improve your life, except you. Once you have addressed all of your issues and you are living a good life in recovery, no matter where you go, you will shine.

If you are struggling with alcohol and/or drugs, and your life feels chaotic, it’s not too late to do something about it. Running away from your problems and yourself is exhausting, and you don’t have to do it anymore. We can help you transition into recovery in the safest, most comfortable way possible. Checking in to treatment today will begin improving your life tomorrow.

Detox is a beginning and an end. As the beginning of a new life in recovery and the end of an era of pain caused by addiction, making the choice to attend clinical detox needn’t be a complicated one. The Serenity Detox Recovery Center at the Encino Hospital Medical Center offers safe and comfortable residential detox with modern amenities and an environment that feels like home. Start the process today. Call us at: 866.294.9401