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Can Practicing Non-Attachment Increase Happiness?

Non-attachment is not the same as indifference, although some people may confuse the two. There are many things in the world to become attached to: objects, people, money, success. These are not bad things in and of themselves, but getting too attached to the world can bring lots of suffering and pain. Non-attachment can be one way to support a healthier, happier lifestyle.

What is Non-Attachment

There is a common misunderstanding that non-attachment is the same as indifference; indifference to the world, to outcomes, to the self. Indifference means a lack of interest and sympathy towards yourself, someone or something else. Non-attachment is really about being objective, not clinging, and springs from a deeper consideration of the conditions of human existence.

Letting it Pass

One element of non-attachment is learning how to let go and let things pass you by. It may be a person you are interested in that does not feel the same way or that dream job which passed you up for another candidate. As human beings, we share just a limited amount of time together. That shared time may come to an end sooner than later. Life’s circumstances can bring lots of instability of emotions and suffering. Life is just not that predictable. If you meditate deeply on the impermanence of life, non-attachment is the inevitable consequence of that. It will empower you to live more freely and open if you seek to love with intensity, and live life to the fullest, knowing it will come to an end soon and getting too attached to what doesn’t matter is easier.

State of Mind

Non-attachment is a state of mind which takes time to cultivate. Buddhists will say it takes a lifetime to even come close to mastering the concept of non-attachment. Joy and sorrow will still come as we live life on this planet. Life is a mixture of all those things, but if we cling to pleasure, seeking the next high, or thing that will bring happiness, we miss out on real joy. We may become anxious and overwhelmed trying to control our environment instead of realizing we need to let go and find inner peace if we want to coexist in this life with nature, the elements, other people, and life’s circumstances. Unconditional love is about loving yourself and loving others without any attachment to how they return that love. We can learn to love others in spite of their faults and still let them be who they are. We can even learn to love ourselves, in spite of our own failures, and learn to accept the things we cannot change and move forward with more peace.

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