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Can I Plan a Trip and Stay Sober?

Can I Plan a Trip and Stay Sober?

Traveling is hard on everyone and can easily throw your body out of whack. Especially when you are traveling sober, it can throw a wrench into plans to have a good time. There are some ways to enjoy traveling while keeping recovery at the front and center of your journey.

Plan Ahead

It is always wise to check out area support groups for places to stay. Attending meetings will help keep you in a routine and set the tone for the rest of the trip. Doing your homework ahead of time will support you in feeling more prepared and less anxious about how traveling will impact sobriety.


Literature is a great way to connect with your recovery if you want to read those kinds of books but you can also check out blogs online or focus on some fun books to keep you distracted.

Know Yourself

There are many emotions to pay attention to on a daily basis: hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness. Either of these may pop up while traveling. It is important to become aware of them so they don’t trigger a relapse. Each day, take a moment to check in and regroup emotionally. Have snacks handy for chewing on when you are out and about to ward of sugar cravings.

Stay in Touch

The last thing you want is to lose touch with family and people who can be your support system. Stay connected so you can check in when you are struggling or just let people know you’re okay.

No Old Haunts

If you have old friends on the radar or places you visited ‘back in the day,’ it is best to stay away. Old haunts may spark a relapse when they are associated with a time you used drugs or drank alcohol.

Stay Routine

Now is the time to take a vacation from recovery. Treat it like it is a normal day and adhere to your regimen as much as possible. Once you’re home, it will feel like you never left.

It is wise to travel and explore new places, but beware the old haunts and old friends. When you go on vacation to see family it can bring up old habits or spark relapse. You may also be tempted back into things you left behind. If you are struggling, we can help you get back on your feet. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401