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Can Holding a Grudge Be Toxic?

Can Holding a Grudge Be Toxic?

Even if you like to hold a grudge against someone, sometimes you have to admit that is not the best and only way to go through life. If you struggle with resentment towards a close friend or loved one, you may feel sad, angry, and other emotions that turned into bitterness, followed by resentment. All these emotions can be toxic to your mind, body, and spirit.

Such a Drag

The problem with grudges is they don’t serve any purpose at all. They don’t make you feel better, heal your hurts, or affect anyone else at all. At the end of the day, you all end up with toxicity including a grudge that hangs over your head. In recovery, this can have a negative impact in many ways. It can lead to stinking thinking, which may develop into relapse over time. Personal growth is key to getting beyond this mindset.

Let it Go

The path to freedom from a grudge is about forgiveness, not towards the other person but towards ourselves. The answer lies in learning how to love yourself and honor who you are right now. To let go of a grudge, it helps to move off of those who wronged you and place it on your own heart. When you refocus your attention, you can find the soothing kindness and compassion the grudge desires. The grudge will feed off toxic energy but if you learn how to let go, your efforts can be focused on releasing long-held anger.

Moving Forward

If you follow your own advice in moving forward, you start to learn the art of forgiveness. If you write friends, talk to them, or share how you feel, you begin to realize that you have held onto these feelings a long time. It is time to bury the hatchet and move on. Even if it does nothing to repair your friendship, you can see the opportunity as a way to recognize the wisdom, self-love, and personal growth you achieved through the experience. You cannot control other people but you control how you respond to it.

To live free of resentment is to live free of the chains from the past. Those chains keep you held down rather than fighting for what you need to do to live an honorable life. Your life is about your personal choices and decisions. When you choose forgiveness, the toxic hold a grudge has on your life shifts and no longer holds sway. Maybe it is time to let it go so you can heal.

Moving on from a difficult circumstance or relationship that was toxic is hard work. We help you move forward with our resources and programs designed to support your journey to recovery. We provide space for you to practice forgiveness, seek it for yourself, and feel the impact it has on your life. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401