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Can Adventure Help Treat Addiction?

Can Adventure Help Treat Addiction?

Adventure therapy is a fun, innovative way to weave therapy into life with a dose of adrenaline on the side. Find out how you can weave adventure into a therapeutic recovery path to support your healing.

Fun in Recovery

Weaving traditional methods of therapy with adventure therapy is about adding a dose of fun to recovery. Rehab and fun don’t go hand in hand, in fact, people often dread recovery because it feels like torture in some respects. It is not a spa day but it does not have to be drudgery, either. Resetting the ‘fun button’ on recovery may be just the ticket for some people who struggle with recovery.

Hitting Reset

Adventure therapy is a technique used to support others in recovery who want to have fun while breaking personal barriers that might have led to substance abuse. Many people who quit drinking or using drugs may struggle with returning to a sense of fun sober. It may be a challenge to know how to have a good time without using drugs or having a drink on hand. Often, people just need a helping hand getting back on their feet to realize there is more to life than drinking and using drugs all the time. Adventure therapy focuses on:

  • Getting physically active
  • Getting psychologically into a better space to have fun
  • Trying new things like surfing, stand-up paddling, white water rafting and more

Some surprising benefits can occur from doing these activities. Making new friends, bonding with others who share your new passion and getting to experience new places and things can kick in the adrenaline (without drugs).

Giving it a Try

While in an outpatient program or in sober living, adventure therapy can help people transition from focusing on the self to focusing on others as a group. Getting to be part of a group activity that relies on working together, yet bolstering a personal sense of confidence, can go a long way to supporting recovery. Even following a program that includes treatment while having fun can support a person in feeling like they have learned amazing things and yet are finding new ways to rebuild relationships with themselves and others in the process. Recovery doesn’t just happen in a support group (although that works well, too). It can also happen outdoors, in the midst of having fun.

Getting to feel like you are finding yourself again in recovery is key to long-lasting recovery. If you feel like you are finding yourself stuck, we can help you reignite the fire for recovery. Sobriety is serious business and we can help you bridge the gap between addiction and sober living with our support services and trained staff here to assist you every step of the way. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401