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Bid Adieu to Anxiety: Here’s How

Bid Adieu to Anxiety: Here’s How

Anxiety is not something to wish on your worst enemy. It is one of those thieves in the night that comes when you least expect it, seemingly out of nowhere, and robs you of joy and peace in the moment. Long lasting anxiety, over time, can wear you out. It may be time to find some tips for saying a final farewell to anxiety, once and for all. Find out how to get started.

Worries Build Anxiety

Thinking about and dwelling on what you’re most worried about is bound to get you anxious and stressed. The goal of anxiety is to drive you to your knees with worry that keeps you from sleeping, eating, and functioning in a healthy way. Worries will only build on anxiety and keep overlapping itself until you feel so tangled in knots you’re not sure which way is up. If you feel consumed by anxiety, you may not be able to concentrate at work, enjoy time with friends, or even enjoy your own company because worry consumes your every thought. It may even drive you straight into the arms of a relapse if it becomes overwhelming.

Sweat Not

When you are over-consumed by worry and fear, your anxiety has definitely gotten out of control. This common trigger for relapse can create a difficult space of vulnerability in your recovery armor. Self-medicating only provides temporary relief. It does not do anything to resolve the underlying cause. It leaves you in a worse state of mind, with feelings of depression, sadness, and even anger at yourself and the situation. What helps is to:

  • Embrace the present moment
  • Release any negative thoughts or feelings in the moment
  • Embrace ‘letting go’
  • Realize there is no point to worry other than to create more worry
  • Focus on dealing with just what’s right in front of your nose right now rather than what’s next

Anxiety inducing situations are not unusual. Stress comes on a daily basis and it is how those are tackled that make a huge difference in recovery. Several modern and effective alternatives help tame anxiety. You can try medication, sobriety and recovery groups, finding hobbies like meditation and yoga to support mindfulness, and even more rest. The one you do not want to fall back on is your old standby of substances or addiction. Staying clean and sober is difficult and life situations will trigger a desire to use to help numb the challenges but if you can stay right where you are, in the moment, you are more likely to embrace the challenges than run away from them and get scared.

If you are scared of relapse while in recovery, you can learn tools that will help you stay focused on what is right in front of you right now. Let us help you recover from addiction and seek the resources you need to keep you clean and sober.  Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401