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Believe in Abundance

Addiction may have depleted any beliefs you held before it ripped your life apart, and early recovery may have you feeling a little lost as to what is in store. When we get sober, we start to reflect on what addiction has taken from us, and how it has impacted our life paths. It’s easy to get down on ourselves for where we think we should be, opportunities we’ve missed out on, or relationships we could have had. Youthful dreams may feel forever lost, and the thief of time forever stealing our days. These thoughts are normal for many of us in early recovery, but they are a waste of more time.  You may feel that you have wasted your life on your addiction, when in truth, your life is just beginning.

Right now, at this moment, you are where you’re supposed to be. You cannot change the past so stop hoping that it will be different. Everything that has happened in your life has led up to the point where you are right now. The people you have met, and the people you have yet to meet, the opportunities you have and those that lie in front of you, all exist because your feet are where they’re intended to be. When you feel you’ve missed out on life, remember that an abundance of love, peace, and happiness is still in front of you. Getting sober isn’t the end; it is the start of a beautiful new life that you may have never dreamed of, but it is all yours and you should wear it proudly.

Your life in recovery will give you choices, possibilities, and experiences you never would have had if you didn’t survive addiction. This is abundance, and you will have what you need, when you need it. If you “miss out” on something, know that there will be more. You may not always have everything you want, but you will have everything you need. Be gentle on yourself, and know that you are enough.

If you are struggling with addiction, we can help. The Serenity Recovery Center can help you change your life, so that you can break free from the despair of addiction. You can do this. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (844-339-6964). You can recover, and we can help. Call now.