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Beer Goggles May Impair Men’s Sexual Views of Women

A new study out about men under the influence of alcohol has noted that they are more likely to view women as sexual objects after drinking. The study looked at why men objectify women and worked with 49 men in their twenties to discover why it is beer goggles impair men’s judgment of women.

The Study Shows

Men who participated in the study were shown photos of 80 undergraduate women dressed to go out, rating things like appearance and personality. Photos of the women were previously rated by an independent panel on how much warmth, good-naturedness, friendliness, competence, intelligence, confidence, and attractiveness they exuded. The men were outfitted with eye-tracking technology to see which part of the women’s bodies men looked at when shown the images of them dressed up. Photographs of women based on appearance received the most objectifying gazes (more time spent looking at the body than the face) while women who exuded warmth and competence were viewed in a less objectifying manner. Overall, findings suggest how a man will sexually objectify a woman depends on the alcohol intoxication as well as perception of the woman (attractiveness, competence, warmth, etc).

Put Away the Goggles

Environments where alcohol is present can be really objectifying for women overall. Objectification of women in bars or other alcohol-laden settings may seem redundant for women who may have felt this a number of times in the presence of men but it does not make it right. Dehumanizing women and using alcohol as the excuse is never a good answer as to why women are treated a certain way but the study suggests this may lead to further objectification and negative consequences for women. This can include things like workplace gender discrimination or sexual violence, among other things.

Hopefully studies like this now and in the future highlight the difficulties of making good judgments while impaired by alcohol. Alcohol intoxication can have harmful consequences for a person’s mind, body, spirit, and even overall lifestyle if addiction takes hold. The goal of studies on alcohol and demeaning objectification can help build programs and support systems for both men and women around responsible drinking cultures, improving behavior towards the opposite sex, and identifying the dangers of drinking as it relates to behavioral changes in people’s behavior and attitudes.

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