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Beating the Challenge of Eating Disorders and Alcoholism

When people struggle with chemical dependency, it is often due to other underlying issues that are going unnoticed. Co-occurring illnesses are quite common but harder to overcome due to the challenges of supporting optimal health amidst mental health and addiction issues. Learn more about the fight against eating disorders and alcoholism.

Secret Battles

Although more people are discussing alcoholism and eating disorder challenges, there are others who still wait in the shadows, hiding their difficulties from the world. It is hard to admit to oneself, let alone others, that problems with eating and drinking exist. Often it manifests as behavioral challenges, cheating, stealing, lying, and acting differently than normal which are red flags that go unnoticed for awhile. When a person is drinking heavily, over time, the individual will stop eating because caloric intake is high enough to keep the body thinking it is full even if the only thing the person ate was a few pieces of celery and some toast that day. Alcoholism becomes all consuming at that point, but the eating disorder takes a close second. When the body does not get enough nutrients, it will fight back often in violent ways.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

The best way to fight back against an eating disorder and alcoholism is to find a place which supports dual-diagnosis treatment. Once the body is accustomed to drinking alcohol and getting most of the daily calories from that, it will take time to readjust the body to receiving proper nutrition. Sometimes medicine that is prescribed to help with cravings can intensify other symptoms, which then kick in the eating disorder again. Once the alcoholism is dealt with, often the eating disorder comes close behind and then the underlying causes as well. There are always reasons as to why a person starts (or continues) to drink to excess for long periods of time. Once treatment starts, the transformational journey of recovery can begin.

Greater Why

Once a person enters treatment, that individual must want their why to be greater than the desire to keep drinking. The greater why may be health, finances, relationships, or something else, but it has to be more powerful than the need to keep drinking and not eating properly. Ultimately, a person has to figure this out on their own and cannot be forced into it. Breaking free will take time, determination, and lots of patience but it can be done with the right support and a great team behind that person cheering them all the way through to recovery and beyond.

Co-occurring disorders often happen within addiction, including alcoholism and eating disorders. Our world-class team of healthcare professionals will support you with the necessary treatment protocols you need to make a diagnosis and help you address the symptoms of addiction. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401