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Be Flexible and Open to Change

If you are new in recovery, prepare yourself because you are going to have to change a lot of everything, and people will tell you as much. If you are open and willing to do so, your journey in sobriety will be smoother than the journey of someone who fights the process. Recovering addicts and alcoholics can be very adaptive to change, but having an open mind is key because we can also be fearful of change.

Letting go of control is a hallmark of having an open mind. When you can accept that you cannot be in complete control of people, places, things, and even your own thoughts, you open yourself to new ideas and experiences. Stubbornness can work against us in recovery, and cutting things out that do so is important. Along with being stubborn, is your ego; if left unchecked, it will kill you. If you can’t admit you have a problem, and are unwilling to humble yourself and ask for help, you are fighting a losing battle.

In recovery, we also have to let ourselves become vulnerable. For so long, we put up walls and hid our true selves. Becoming vulnerable can be frightening, but it can also be the beginning of extraordinary connections. The more open your mind is, the better chance you have to see things from other perspectives. By doing so, you learn that there is no one right way or wrong way. We are all recovering trying to find the path that works best for each of us.

The further you move along in recovery, the more confident you will become. People who explore the world with an open mind tend to have a strong sense of self. If you start feeling like something is off, change it. We have to listen to our inner voice and be open and willing to make changes in our routines. All of these pieces build upon each other and strengthen the person you truly are and who you are becoming. Sobriety is the biggest change you can make, and if you are open-minded about it, your entire life can become a thing of beauty you never thought possible.





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