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Avoid a Vacation Relapse with These Travel-Friendly Tips

Avoid a Vacation Relapse with These Travel-Friendly Tips

A vacation seems like the perfect time to get away from it all and relax. One of the challenges for people in  recovery is staying clean and sober when away from the constant support networks, groups, meetings, and places that keep recovery at the forefront of their mind. Going on vacation should be carefree but it may be tougher than you realize unless you follow some sober travel-friendly tips.

Having (Sober) Fun

There are some great tips to follow when heading out the door to your vacation destination.

  • Look for alternatives to bars. Putting yourself in a place that is triggering will only be a recipe for disaster. You may feel you can stay in your hotel the whole time to avoid alcohol or drugs but you can always hit up smoothie bars, juice shops and hip coffee houses. It all depends where you are going. Every vacation place has fun, unique spaces to hang out that are not bars and make you feel social.
  • Pamper it up. Alcohol and drugs cost money, and take time and energy away from your body, mind, and soul care. If you are able to do it, find a place to pamper yourself or book a spa-cation that will include a package of deals to give you the massages and treatment you deserve. You’re on vacation, so splurge a little and pamper it up just a bit.
  • Get outside the box. Do a quick search for unusual things to do in your vacation spot. Rather than take in typical touristy things, discovered the lesser-known sites. Take a special tour with someone who can tell you the sights and sounds without you feeling like you aren’t experiencing a holiday. Pick up a souvenir and tell yourself you deserve it after all you’ve experienced.
  • Search for unusual things. Rather than take in typical tourist activities, discover lesser-known sites. You may likely learn more about local culture and find things other tourists may miss.
  • Take back the night. Back in the day, maybe the night was when you went on the prowl for partners, drugs, drink, and a good time. Now you are sober, you have to look at life through a new lens. Get creative and dlook into comedy or performance clubs, seek out new experiences and find a way to enjoy the night without all the booze and drugs. Moonlight riding or paddle boarding with a group of people, a kayaking lesson under the stars, or even a little stroll along the beach might be just what you need to enjoy the moment.
  • Indulge other senses. When you go through addiction, you overload the senses with lots of things that numb them out rather than engage them. Why not try exploring the great outdoors, scuba diving, rock climbing, and other adventures that await you. Indulge your taste buds and savor your dining experience. Try local foods, enjoy an appetizer or dessert since this is why you took a vacation in the first place. Plan a fancy meal and dress up, have fun, and remember, you deserve this.

One of the best ways to vacation away when you want to stay sober is to travel with companions who honor your sobriety. If you travel solo, there are tips and tools that can help you stay sober. We are here to help guide you as you focus on recovery one step at a time. We will help you find what you need. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401