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Don’t Let Addiction Steal Your Creativity

The ride to sobriety can be pockmarked with holes and bumps, leaving you feeling battered and bruised in its wake. At times, artists struggle to focus on their artistic craft but it is worthwhile to keep moving forward, even if at just incremental steps. Recovery is a journey of a thousand steps. Find some ways to keep creativity flowing without letting addiction steal the show.

Keep That Spark

The myth that alcohol or drugs fuels innovation still lingers. A number of creative geniuses-from Beethoven to van Gogh – wrestled with substance abuse. Alcohol and drugs are not contributing factors to your accomplishments but when addiction spirals out of control, it can be hard to find motivation to do much of anything (especially be creative).

Connecting the Dots

The connection between creativity and addiction may lie in someone’s personality traits. Research is discovering new ways that the development of addiction is higher in people who take risks, seek new experiences, and engage in compulsive behaviors. Some of these traits, including intellectual boldness and creativity, can promote creative achievement while also driving addictive patterns of behavior.

Four Ways to Get Juices Flowing

You don’t need to drink a lot or take a lot of drugs to be your most creative self. Some healthier ways to unlock creativity may include:


  • Go for a walk. Mentally it can help stimulate creative flow and inventiveness to go for a walk. A little boost of creativity may be all you need to get motivated to put that artistic cap on.
  • Think like a kid. When faced with a grown-up problem, think creatively. Ask yourself how a child might solve the problem. Give your mind free rein to be playful and imaginative. The solution may not be practical but you may discover an idea you can build on.
  • Switch time of day. You might guess time of day that’s best for feeling creative, but mix it up a bit. Creative insight tends to be greatest during off-peak hours. Researchers say the mind may be open to a wider range of possibilities.
  • Turn down the lights. If you reach a light-bulb moment, it may be due to dim lighting. Darkness elicits a sensation and feeling of being free, which promotes creativity.


Creative Blocks

Sometimes creative ideas won’t come to the front of your mind right away. If that happens, don’t worry. Creative stoppages are common. Suppressed emotions can be one cause of this. Sometimes shutting down feelings and emotions can shift creativity.

The Serenity Recovery Center helps you make big decisions about where your life is headed. If you are losing that creative edge and want to feel like your old self again, there is hope. We are available 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964. Call now.