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Addiction is Like Theatre of Life: Why Acting Might Help Recovery

Addiction is Like Theatre of Life: Why Acting Might Help Recovery

Addiction and recovery is no picnic for anyone. It has ups and downs that can be challenging to work through, without the right tools and resources. One of the more interesting innovations in helping people with addiction in recovery is acting and theatre. Find out why people are turning to this art form as a way to challenge themselves in recovery and focus on their sobriety using creative gifts.

Creativity Builds Character

Theatre is all about storytelling. When you work as an artist or actor, you get to visualize a story in a scene or play and stage it. Acting out real stories can have a profound impact on how you see your own story, and even be cathartic. It also builds character because it gives you a time, place, and a purpose for owning your recovery story. Whether you want to make people laugh or think critically, this could be an interesting venue from which to approach life, on and off stage.

Diving In

The biggest challenge about theatre is the need to be open. There is nowhere to hide up on that stage, so it forces you to be open, honest, and vulnerable about your experiences. Even in recovery groups it can feel safe to share, but with a wider audience, everyone will see and hear your story. There is a new language to learn in dealing with recovery on the stage. It forces you to look at how you want to approach life in recovery. Some ways to get involved if you want to give it a try include:

  • Finding a local group of people or a program that supports recovery and the arts
  • Focus on being sober and clean for at least one year to get your feet on the ground
  • Figure out where it fits in your current schedule so as not to overwhelm you
  • Start writing down parts of your story that you feel comfortable sharing
  • Explore classes in acting or just take the dive and jump right in

Acting can feel like a foreign concept at first, but applied theatre, for the sake of telling true stories, can have a positive, lasting impact. It can build your self esteem, help you become more open about sobriety and recovery, and help you think more clearly about your own story. There are many ways to tell your story onstage through open mic, plays, musical theatre. The possibilities are endless. Try a few things out and see what fits. Spend time learning about each medium and give it a try for a short time, then try another one. It can help to just dive into a new way of telling your story that may help you process your own experience and enhance your recovery.

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