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The 7 Reasons it May Be Time to Give Tiger nuts a Try

The 7 Reasons it May Be Time to Give Tiger nuts a Try

Tiger nuts are largely unknown, especially when it comes to their nutritional value. Spain promotes tiger nuts for horchata, a sweet drink. Several scientific studies have found lots of nutrients in the tiny little nuggets. That is why it may be time for you to give this superfood a try.

High Fiber

A tiger nut has lots of fiber, present in many diets where people want to lose weight. Fiber levels found in tiger nuts are superior to many other foods. The tubers are getting more popular, with demand growing around the world for its health properties. Fiber remains longer in the body and provides people with a high caloric level. This helps regulate blood glucose levels, supporting optimal health.

Milk Substitute

The tiger nut is also present in the form of milk. Traditional cow and sheep milk are being eschewed for plant based milk for a well balanced diet. The success of tiger milk focuses on the rich vitamin E and C present in the nut, along with the ability to combat hypertension and cholesterol.


Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical interactions in the body. The body needs energy, which is provided by a daily dose of magnesium. It is ideal, along with proteins, to develop the muscles.


Potassium helps control blood pressure which promotes a healthy heart. Bananas have a high source of potassium but tiger nuts provide even higher levels which promotes proper functioning of the human body and cells.

Vegetable Protein

Tiger nuts have nutritional value for being a low fat vegetable protein. These nuts are ideal for cleansing diets and elimination of toxins. Plant proteins like tiger nuts promote natural regulation of the cardiovascular system and proper functioning of cell activity which prevents the risk of cancer.

Diabetes Control

The high level of fiber present in tiger nuts are a great source of prevention of diabetes. Diabetes type 2 can have fatal consequences. Tiger nuts play an important role in a healthy lifestyle which help lower carb intake and blood sugar.

Healthy Oil

Tiger nuts have high levels of oleic acid (monounsaturated), which is perfect to nourish the skin and prepare it against external factors. It helps nourish the skin and meet the body’s daily needs. Advanced cosmetics companies use it to innovate with highly tolerant products for anti-aging because of its healthy properties.

Superfoods are great to add into your diet, especially while in recovery. Anytime you want to change or add food to your diet, it is best to do it under the advice of your doctor. If you are struggling to find your path to recovery, call us. We will help you get on track. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964