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6 Dangerous Drugs You Need to Know (and May Not Have Heard About)

6 Dangerous Drugs You Need to Know (and May Not Have Heard About)

With so many drugs in the world, it can be hard to know when new ones are on the scene that may be dangerous. Knowing what is out there can be helpful when talking with family members, friends, and loved ones about the risks and dangers of drug use.

Foxy Methoxy

This drug is known as DiPT, a hallucinogenic drug, known for auditory psychoactive effects that can cause people to see unreal things, hear, smell, feel, and even taste things that are imaginary. It may be impossible for people to know the source or purity of this drug and it can have fatal consequences. This synthetic substance has been classified as a Schedule 1 drug, with no medical benefits. It is illegal to possess.


Known as Qat, Quaad, or Arabian Tea, many people believe this drug influences lots of dangerous thinking and behavior. It is either chewed or consumed in a liquid form. Many people ingest it in the morning before work, or to give a boost of energy, and focus for the day. It gives people a sense of invincibility, which is why it is widely used by some people.


Dragonfly is a chemical within the 2C drug family that manipulates serotonin to produce hallucinogenic feelings and visuals. Dragonfly earned its street name because the chemical structure superficially resembles a dragonfly’s wing. The difference between Dragonfly and other drugs like it is the potency and duration, which can last for several days. Seizures, confusion, heart issues, and even death may be common. It can be purchased online, which makes it even more dangerous.

Benzo Fury

This drug is legally sold with a dishonest label. Similar to MDA, this drug provides hallucinogenic effects but has a higher potency, lasting up to 14 hours as a stimulant.


This drug is known for being the perfect substance for ‘an easy crime.’ this powder is derived from a Borrachero tree native to Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. It eliminates free will, leaving people conscious of their behavior but the actions are controlled by the drug. This can leave people open to being commanded and controlled by perpetrators without leaving a trace in their memory. It has no medical benefits and can be lethal.


Known as ‘Krok,’ it is often used by people who do not have lots of money to buy drugs because it is cheaper than heroin, and impacts people nearly the same way, without the cost. It is commonly found in Russia and other former Soviet Republics, but is beginning to appear in other parts of the world. Hydrochloric acid, paint thinner, red phosphorous, and other deadly chemicals in this drug can rot skin from the inside out. It is likely the deadliest drug in the world.

Due to the nature of the black market, nobody ever really knows what drugs are being laced with. It is dangerous to consume drugs but they can leave a trail of devastation and death in their wake. Addiction to these drugs is possible, even common, so it is best to seek help for any drug use associated with these or other drugs.

Getting help for addiction to drugs is difficult but it is necessary to live a life filled with hope. We are here to help you heal from addiction and live the life you were meant to live. Our programs and services focus on helping you detox and get well from addiction so you can focus on recovery. We will help you find what you need. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401