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5 Ways to Know if Sexual Promiscuity is Ruining Your Recovery

A healthy part of recovery is sexuality but it can also be a major cause of relapse for some people in recovery. Dysfunctional relationships are a challenge. There are ways to know if sexual promiscuity is getting in the way of your personal sobriety and recovery from drugs and alcohol. Learn some of the signs and tips for seeking help.

Engaging in Sex or Relationships in Rehab

If you are not able to let go of sex and relationships in rehab, it is time for a re-evaluation of priorities. Adults are typically forbidden to have relationships in rehab because the focus should be on you and your personal recovery.The healing work of treatment is better when a person can focus on recovery, not intimate relationships (for the time being).

Dating in Early Recovery

Completion of drug rehab is a time to focus on personal free time and staying sober. Getting back into life sober can involve volunteering, spending time on hobbies, or being more focused at work. Relationships after rehab can lead to relapse because a person’s emotions are too unstable early on to cope with dating. Until new coping mechanisms are developed, relapse may occur when relationships enter sobriety.

Love in the Wrong Places

Bars, clubs, and parties are a favorite place to meet partners but in sobriety things change. Early recovery is a time to change things up and find new places to connect. Making genuine connections can happen at the gym, sports clubs, hobby groups, or through mutual friends. Finding new places to make friends will make room to meet romantic interests when you’re ready.

Risky Behavior

An inability to be alone can point to deeper issues of low self-esteem and confidence. Addiction and promiscuity go hand in hand. Treatment can often highlight problem areas such as risky sexual behaviors which may impact personal relationships and your recovery.

Old Relationships

In sobriety, it is best to let go of old relationships. Going back to old hangouts, friends, or romantic partners can undermine recovery. Leave the old places behind and seek new ways of connecting with people that will not result in meeting the same people you knew when you struggled with addiction. Sobriety is a time to look ahead, not backwards.

Recovery is a time for thinking about how you want to do things better. Underlying emotional trauma and desires can create unhealthy sexual patterns but there is hope. Knowing the signs can point out issues before you jeopardize relationships, health, or recovery.

Don’t let issues of sexuality affect your recovery. Serenity Recovery Center focuses on your holistic treatment experience. Addiction is challenging but we come alongside you to bring hope and give you tools for coping with this new life. Call us if you are ready to face it head on: 844-339-6964