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4 Ways to Pass the Time in Addiction Treatment

4 Ways to Pass the Time in Addiction Treatment

Most treatment programs last a month or longer. During that time, you have to detox, meet with a therapist, meet with addiction doctors, and go to group therapy. You will likely have a bit of downtime, especially early on, when you don’t feel so good. There are several ways you can use that time productively to improve your recovery.


It’s a good time to read anything, but you may consider reading up on psychology and addiction. Many treatment centers keep books and other materials on hand for you to read. There are many interesting memoirs about addiction and recovery that might inspire you. The only caveat is you will want to avoid something that might trigger you. Talk it over with your counsellor. More broadly, classics of philosophy or literature that might give some perspective to your current situation. If that’s too much for you under the circumstances, a lighter novel might be a nice distraction, requiring just enough concentration to take your mind off your discomfort without seriously taxing your concentration.


If everything goes perfectly, you’ll only go through treatment once, so you may want to preserve the experience. Some people find it helpful to write down the progression of symptoms they experience in detox. It gives them something to do, it gives them a feeling of control over the process, and it might be medically useful. As treatment progresses, daily writing can help you process your emotions and reduce stress. Studies have shown that the more specifically you describe your emotions in writing, the more control you have over you emotional state. Writing can be part therapy and part record. You can also refer back to your writing a year down the road when you feel like one drink couldn’t hurt.

Play games.

Chess, draughts, go, and dominoes are all good ways to exercise your mind and connect with others. Games are good way to socialize when you aren’t feeling especially social. They are also excellent for recovery because they challenge your executive function. The brain’s prefrontal cortex takes a beating during addiction and strategy games are a good way to get it back into shape.


Any exercise is good. It’s one of the most important lifestyle changes to make during recovery, so you might as well get started. You might not feel up to vigorous exercise early on, but most people can at least walk a bit. Walking in nature is especially good. Just seeing vegetation can immediately reduce stress. There are also compounds in soil that release endorphins and help you relax. Long walks in nature are good for the mind and body.

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