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3 Ways to Get Yourself into a Good Place Again

3 Ways to Get Yourself into a Good Place Again

Even when a person is deep in addiction, they almost always want to get into a good place. Somewhere, deep down, they know what is going on is not the end all, be all, and there has to be something better. Looking around at a trashed out living space, bank account, and social circle will finally be alarming enough to make people realize they need to get into a good place again. With some help, that is possible. Find some tips for finally getting to a place that feels positive.

Create goodness

Figure out what feels good and think about sobriety. If a person is in recovery, it is a bit easier to think with a clear head than someone stuck in addiction. It is not impossible, however, to figure out ways of creating goodness in the midst of it all. It may include:

  • Getting around some good friends again
  • Getting alone by water or a place that re-energizes the soul
  • Finding a happy place that feels safe
  • Going somewhere to be with their own thoughts, ideas, or nature
  • Build creative space to write, paint, or try something new

Find the right people

The people who got their back in the days of being addicted to drugs or alcohol are not the posse of people to be surrounded with right now. There will be too much looking back and gloating about all the times people got high or experienced ‘good times’ with drugs and alcohol. It is important to learn how to be okay with loud thoughts in the mind and discover how to also be one’s own best friend. People are great, but don’t always feel obligated to share space with other people.

Find a hobby

This hobby could be watching television, coloring, drawing, or doing a puzzle. The key word is healthy. It is too easy to substitute once-destructive and extreme habits with something more socially acceptable. While engaged in this habit, the mind will soar and try to escape reality. Hobbies that are fun and can be done in community are more likely to be enticing than ones that are not.

Getting to that happy place takes some thinking, especially in recovery. Making daily habits of finding joy and good times is key to feeling better. Dwelling on the past or on what happened ‘back then’ in the ‘good old days’ can just trigger all kinds of negative thoughts to use again. Finding a happy place is not about always being happy no matter what, it is also about seeking it out with intentionality and finding people with whom to share it.

If you are struggling in sobriety, or are in the midst of addiction, we will help you find your happy place again. We believe in the power of programs that focus on your individual needs, which is why we designed our detox and recovery programs with this in mind. We help you feel safe and help you get clean. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401