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How Do I Trust in My Rehab Program?

Taking that first, brave step to admit the need for help is crucial. It is a matter of finding the right facility at the right time. Not every center is the same, not every addiction is caused by the same factors or impacts people the same way. It is important to know what to lookRead More

What to Do When You Keep Fighting Self-Compassion

Recovery from addiction is hard enough without doling out the hits on yourself. It may be hard to look at yourself with eyes of compassion when you realize all the damage done from addiction, but under the layers of pain are also years of hurt and trauma that need attending to (which requires an enormousRead More

What is a Creativity Complex?

Whether it is strumming out a melody on a musical instrument, singing, incorporating colors, or capturing a moment on screen, there are thousands of creative people trying to get sober. We often think it is common that using alcohol and drugs enhances the creative process. Addiction does not discriminate against anyone. Many artists who becomeRead More

Why Dual Diagnosis is Finally Getting Well-Deserved Attention

Addiction can take a toll on your body but many don’t realize how it harms your emotional health as well. Addressing addiction means finding ways to heal the underlying cause of substance use with a gentle approach. Trauma treatment requires a cohesive approach that is holistic. Trauma-Informed Care Providers are now paying more attention toRead More

Is Art Therapy Worth Trying in Recovery?

When a person decides to get professional help for addiction, there are several options for what kind of treatment the person might want. Many addiction treatment centers offer different types of therapies, including alternative creative ones. These forms of therapy are often used in combination to provide the person with multiple venues of expression andRead More

Have Fun By Getting Creative in Recovery

One of the more common challenges of being in recovery is finding joy and fun, especially early on. It all seems like work, step-by-step processes, and logical thinking that is required to get better. Not everything has to be so lateral. In fact, using the creative side of the brain can help boost mood andRead More

Will I Get Bored in Rehab?

It is possible to feel bored in life, as much as it is in recovery. If you enter rehab in a crisis, you might not consider whether or not you will feel bored, but that is part of the journey. Going through rehab is not always going to be one crisis fix after another, bigRead More

Nature Can Help Recovery: How to Get Started

Spending time in nature can be very healing and cathartic. If people enter recovery from addiction, it helps to get outside. Being indoors too much can build feelings of isolation, even triggers which build as a result of being cooped up inside. Being outdoors is a habit that can build and become very enjoyable. LearnRead More

Why Are Bath Salts So Dangerous?

There are many different drugs emerging on the black market and out in the open. Some are not as well known as others. One of those drugs is called bath salts. This is not to be confused with actual bath salts used to bathe in a tub, these are actually highly dangerous to people whoRead More