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How Can I Make More Positive Choices in Recovery?

The word ‘choose’ is a great word to wake up each day thinking about. Each day, there are hundreds of choices to make. People have choices for how to respond. Maybe it is screaming and yelling, waving their hands, or perhaps it is with calmer, more measured tones. Learning to make positive choices in recoveryRead More

Why Are Sober Bars the New ‘In’ Thing?

Being in the city or the suburbs does not have to keep people in recovery from being social. It may be harder to find a place to go in the suburbs or a rural area, but there are new, fun ways kicking off sober living. Going to the usual night-on-the-town spots is usually off theRead More

Is An Online Addiction Program a Good Thing?

The internet can be a powerful place to go when looking for everything from hobbies to support for a difficult journey through addiction. A comprehensive recovery program may include inpatient intake, counseling, treatments, therapy, support groups, and other things which are not available online. Find out more about addiction programs online and whether this mayRead More

Harness the Power of Food for a Healthy Recovery

Food can be very helpful in recovery. In early recovery, it is especially helpful to get the mind and body on track again. Learning to harness the power of food and exercise can not only enhance recovery, but also revolutionize a person’s life by supporting long term mental and physical health. Learn more about theRead More

How Can I Ask for Help with Addiction?

Addiction is one of the most difficult things to deal with, and it is also very hard for people to ask for help. Asking for help can be so difficult that sometimes it is easier to just live in a spiral of alcohol, drugs, or other substances rather than face reality. Find out how youRead More

Support Your Sobriety with These 5 Simple Tasks

Sobriety requires ongoing effort by people who want to get well. Many recovery activities are challenging and involved intentional effort mentally, physically, and emotionally. People who focus on recovery goals are more likely to see progress happen more quickly. Try these five simple tasks to get started moving in the right direction. Five Minutes ofRead More

What Are Designer Drugs?

Designer drugs are not new, they’ve been around since the 1980s. Drugs like methamphetamine and LSD were originally created as medications but now are being widely abused by people for their own use to get high, with addictive potential quite high. Side effects of these drugs are also dangerous. Learn more about designer drugs andRead More

3 Ways to Get Yourself into a Good Place Again

Even when a person is deep in addiction, they almost always want to get into a good place. Somewhere, deep down, they know what is going on is not the end all, be all, and there has to be something better. Looking around at a trashed out living space, bank account, and social circle willRead More