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What Kinds of Alternative Therapies Can Help My Recovery?

Traditional therapeutic programs can help recovery and support success. Even if a person wants to stop drinking or using drugs, alternative therapies may be the thing to bridge the gap. It is worth investigating some complementary therapies for addiction. Alternative Therapies There are treatments that support traditional approaches which are being used more lately. TheseRead More

This Brain Receptor May Block Alcohol Addiction

The activation of a specific receptor in the brain cells may ease certain alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This may help treat alcohol addiction for millions of people who struggle each year. Find out more about how this brain receptor works and why it can have such a positive impact on alcohol addiction. Brain Receptors The receptorRead More

Can Adventure Help Treat Addiction?

Adventure therapy is a fun, innovative way to weave therapy into life with a dose of adrenaline on the side. Find out how you can weave adventure into a therapeutic recovery path to support your healing. Fun in Recovery Weaving traditional methods of therapy with adventure therapy is about adding a dose of fun toRead More

Incorporate These Go-To Foods for a Healthier You

Recovery is a difficult journey with so many changes happening. One of the biggest and best changes you can make is to your diet. Giving up some junk food is imperative to getting on the road to being healthier in sobriety. Not only will you likely lose extra pounds, you may not realize how muchRead More

What Are the Signs of Opioid Addiction?

When a person starts using more of a drug than prescribed, or acting differently following use of opioids, those may be some signs of addiction. When opioids are used as intended, they should not produce a high but those who are addicted seek a high that comes from overuse. Find out what some of theRead More

These Tips May Help You Relieve Anxiety Without Meds

It may be hard to imagine finding peace without drugs or alcohol. It may be difficult to face each day if you also struggle with anxiety. Medication can be very helpful in coping but sometimes it feels good to explore medication-free options that may help you cope with that rising anxiety. Anxiety Addicts The troubleRead More

How Do I Find the Best Rehab for Me?

Searching for a treatment program can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. If you think about it too much, you may get stuck. When you find the best rehab for you, you will know because it will support your recovery every step of the way. What to Consider When seeking a high-qualityRead More