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Can You Be Depressed and Not Know?

It seems like an absurd question with an obvious answer. Depression is typically associated with feeling sad and how can you not know that you feel sad? In reality, depression is much more than feeling sad, although prolonged sadness is usually a symptom. Depression is insidious and typically has both cognitive, mental, and physical components.Read More

The Unexpected Benefit Of Sobriety For Men

You experience many physical benefits when you quit drinking. Your liver starts healing, your cardiovascular health improves, you think more clearly, and you lose a bit of weight. One benefit people often don’t think of is that you also become more hormonally balanced. For women this is important because it can reduce their risk ofRead More

Why Can’t I Just Be a Perfectionist?

Being a perfectionist is not about things being perfect, it is about thinking things need to be perfect and pursuing those. Emotionally, this means instead of living your life in a place of acceptance, perfectionists are on a treadmill chasing the feeling of having it all be ‘right.’ Even if a perfectionist smiles on theRead More

Treating Anxiety Without Xanax

Many people first become addicted to Xanax and other benzodiazepines while taking them for anxiety. While they are good for this purpose, they are also extremely addictive and are not meant to be used indefinitely. Even a few weeks of regular use can lead to physical dependence and difficult withdrawal. People quitting benzodiazepines often worryRead More

Is There a Roadmap for Recovery?

If you have committed yourself to do what it takes to recover from depression, there have to be some next steps to take. Otherwise, it feels like you’re on a path with no road map. There are forms of therapy, mindfulness, meditation, and other ways to support the road to recovery but putting it allRead More

Can Excessive Drinking Cause Seizures?

Most people are aware that severe alcohol withdrawal can cause seizures. Prolonged heavy drinking causes a rise in the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate and a decrease in the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. If this imbalance is severe enough, your nerves can start firing haphazardly, causing a seizure, which can be fatal. Beyond this, the relationship between alcoholRead More

4 Ways to Pass the Time in Addiction Treatment

Most treatment programs last a month or longer. During that time, you have to detox, meet with a therapist, meet with addiction doctors, and go to group therapy. You will likely have a bit of downtime, especially early on, when you don’t feel so good. There are several ways you can use that time productivelyRead More

How Can I Make Recovery Last for Good This Time?

Habits are the brain’s way of getting us to be productive and move forward. Constantly striving for more efficiency, the brain transformas tasks and behaviors into habits so we can do them without thinking, thus freeing up brainpower. How to overcome this is to form new habits and make them stick. This is how youRead More