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7 Ways to Show Love to Yourself in Recovery

Showing love to yourself used to be a bad thing. Now it is the name of the game, to explore self care in new and unexpected ways. When you discover the power of self care, you are able to fight back against the forces telling you not to care for yourself, that it is allRead More

How Can Horticultural Therapy Help Me Feel Better?

There are many ways to help you feel better in recovery, but nature is one of the very best. Gardens are being used for addiction and mental health treatment more now than ever before. It can tap into the mind, body, and soul which will support your recovery for a long time to come. FindRead More

What Are Six Fears in Recovery and Can I Get Rid of Them?

Fear is normal at any stage of recovery. Everyone enters rehab with some trepidation, even if they have been in and out of treatment. Most people leave rehab full of worry about what will happen. Too much fear can be paralyzing and, in addiction recovery, can be a precursor to relapse. The following are someRead More

Does My Character Hinder or Help Me in Sobriety?

Your character says a lot about you, whether or not you realize this is the case. When you think about character, it is about who you are as much as it is about how you behave and conduct yourself. If you let your character hinder you, then you are not doing much to help focusRead More

Learn How to Express Needs Without Being “Needy”

Each time you think about what your needs are, don’t confuse them with being ‘needy.’ When a person is needy, they are more or less trying to attract someone to them by demonstrating how much they need their help, money, time, and other things. There may be pain and confusion involved as it can startRead More

Can Setting Intentions Kickstart My Recovery?

New year, new you. At least that is what everyone thinks come January first. The start of the year is crunch time for people to get their buns in gear and hit the pavement running. What most people miss out on is the fact by February or March, people are burnt out on setting thoseRead More