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It Takes What it Takes: The Painful Truth About Recovery

There is a true pattern of recovery that goes something like this: rock bottom, acceptance, gratitude. This is not necessarily true for everyone, it is a baseline of what the experience of seeking recovery from addiction feels like for some people. The reality is very different for each individual but one universal truth remains. ItRead More

How Should I Be Eating in Recovery?

Eating healthy is important for everybody, especially if you are in recovery from addiction. When you eat healthy, your body and brain will feel better.  You may be deficient in nutrients without realizing it and you may be able to feel better if you drink more water, eat more veggies, and take better care ofRead More

What is Ambiguous Grief and How Can I Cope?

Lots of people talk about grief, what it is, and how to cope with it. But what about other types of grief, the kind that are harder to name or put a face to. Perhaps it is grieving someone who is terminally ill, or suffering from debilitating illness that robs them of memory or capacityRead More

The Link Between Drug Use and Poor Dental Health

Dental patients with substance use disorders may be more likely to experience tooth decay and periodontal disease than the general population, and less likely to receive proper care. With drug use increasing to millions of people each year, this is a problem that may only get worse with time. Find out why there is aRead More

What Are Better Ways of Coping with Stress in Recovery?

For people in recovery who are at risk of relapse, stress is more than inconvenient, it can be life threatening. Everyone experiences stress. Some are more basic like hunger and fatigue. Some are easier to handle and some are not. Other stressors are not so simple and take more focus to deal with. If youRead More

What Can I Do to Repair a Bad Reputation?

We all make bad decisions now and again. Maybe someone is making up lies about you, trying to hurt you, or maybe you have hurt other people. You may feel that trying to counteract the hard things is difficult but it takes time to rebuild a reputation once it has been taken apart. Try theseRead More

What Workaholism Looks Like (and How to Cut it Out)

There are some signs to look for if you or someone you love may struggle with working too much. Workaholism can become addiction quickly if the issues are not addressed. It can lead to family and relationship issues, co-occurring disorders, and physical signs of distress including heart disease and high blood pressure. The signs ofRead More

How Can I Spring Clean My Recovery Routine?

Spring is a tricky time of year for people in recovery. On one hand you’ve maybe been sober awhile, on the other hand you’re in recovery so there’s always room to improve and clean out the dust on your routine to make sure it does not become stagnant. When you spring clean your house, youRead More