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How Ikigai Can Help You Live With More Purpose

The idea behind slowing down comes from the feeling that everyone seems to live in hyperspeed mode. Technology is forcing people to keep up at a faster pace with friends, family, and work commitments with seemingly little respite site. Enter: ikigai. A Japanese word that loosely translates to ‘reason for being.’ Find out why ikigaiRead More

How Do I Cope with Survivor’s Guilt?

Survivor syndrome, or survivor’s guilt, can happen after any traumatic event. It is especially present for people in recovery from addiction. The main question a person may ask is ‘why me,’ as they wonder how they survived addiction and friends or loved ones did not. Knowing how to coping with survivor’s guilt can help avoidRead More

What is it Like to Experience Detox from Meth?

When a person stops using meth, the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal may occur. Chronic users who frequently take the drug over a long period of time may experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is difficult but possible with the right support. Find out what to expect during detox from meth and how to find helpRead More

Summer’s Comin-Stay Sober with These Handy Tips

Ah, the beautiful summer days are nearly upon us with endless sunshine and plenty of parties and fun to be had. People love the summer activities and feeling of relaxation warmer weather brings. Cookouts, outdoor games, and plenty of trouble from temptation if you’re not careful. Learn how to stay sober this summer and stillRead More

How Can I Still Go to Parties and Stay Sober?

Sobriety is a process that requires a huge learning curve. You won’t get there overnight, but you can take some steps to help ensure you stay sober, even when other friends and loved ones may be having a sip of a drink or smoking. Learn some tips for how to still feel social and attendRead More

How to Move On After Rehab

If you struggled with rehab or treatment, just know it is the beginning of a whole new life. Relapse rates are high for people in recovery, but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of the statistics. There is no miracle cure for addiction but you can learn to cope better with life afterRead More

What Are Some Tips to Live Sober and Happy?

Successfully making it through drug treatment is a major milestone and you should you be very proud of that accomplishment. You have come a long way since you first entered drug treatment and put in hard work. As you leave treatment to head into the world, you will have lots of optimism for the future.Read More

These 4 Amazing Sober Dating Hints Will Surprise You

It’s a natural progression these days to meet people who then want to go out on a date for ‘dinner and drinks.’ When you’re sober, you need to find another alternative to what seems like mainstream dating culture these days. There is a daunting feeling about the idea of dating without cocktails, but it canRead More