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What Foods Will I Eat in Detox?

When most people think of detox, it may be the discomfort of going through withdrawal and getting clean from substances. An essential part of the process is actually a really fun thing; learning to feed the body healthy, good nutrients that make the mind and body stronger. Nutritional Deficiencies While every person in recovery mayRead More

Plog Your Way to Better Health (and Save the Environment)

Picking up trash on a hike may not sound like fun, but it is the hottest new trend sweeping the land. This new fitness craze, ‘plogging,’ is making its way across the United States. A mash-up of jogging and the Swedish ‘plocka upp,’ meaning to pick up, people are taking their jogs (and the environment)Read More

Drop the Complaints and Find Your Positive Side Again

Everyone has ‘that friend,’ the one who seems to always find something to complain about. They blame their feelings, reactions, and behaviors on other people. Maybe you even live with (or love) someone who does this. People complain for a few reasons, but mostly because it is their way of trying to connect with others.Read More

Is Loneliness Really Dangerous in Recovery?

Human beings are made for social connection with others. We are born into families for a reason. Friends also make up the outer circle of a person’s family and can provide lots of great insight and connection. Lack of social connections, on the other hand, is not only a source of emotional discomfort, but itRead More

Here Are 7 Tips for Mothers of Adults with Addiction

Parenting comes with a lot of responsibility. When an adult child struggles with addiction, it can be hard to stand by and witness the challenges facing them. Some choices can influence a child’s future health and decisions but, for the most part, there are many things which contribute to a person becoming addicted to drugsRead More

How Do I Know Which Form of Meditation is Right for Me?

Meditation is an ancient tradition, practiced the world over. It is through meditation, we can reduce stress, focus on intentions, and find inner peace. It is less about faith and more about mindfulness, an awareness of how we are in the world. Meditation is a very grounded practice but it can take time to findRead More

What Will Freedom From Addiction Feel Like?

Many people who use drugs or alcohol love the effect it produces which makes it desirable to do over and over again. It relieves stress, fears, and worries, even if just for a moment. True freedom from addiction rests in knowing that addiction is not the end-all-be-all for your life. There is more available outRead More

Don’t Let Addiction Steal Your Creativity

The ride to sobriety can be pockmarked with holes and bumps, leaving you feeling battered and bruised in its wake. At times, artists struggle to focus on their artistic craft but it is worthwhile to keep moving forward, even if at just incremental steps. Recovery is a journey of a thousand steps. Find some waysRead More