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How Do I Survive Valentine’s Day In Sobriety?

Recovery is hard work, so this February 14th, celebrate yourself and your sobriety by treating yourself to a little TLC- tender, love, and care. It’s safe to say that many of us were mean to ourselves in our addiction. The things we did to our bodies and the way we spoke to ourselves was trulyRead More

Protecting Yourself From Another Alcoholic

If you are new to recovery, you are bound to come in contact with other recovering alcoholics and recovering addicts throughout your lifetime. Becoming friends with people in recovery is encouraged; no one else knows exactly what you’ve been through or how addiction feels than another alcoholic. The bonds we have with one another areRead More

How Do You Make An Aftercare Plan?

The days following treatment or detox are critical in a person’s sobriety. It is not a good or safe idea to leave without a clear-cut plan. You need to have a schedule that you can stick to, and one that leaves very little room for idle time. An aftercare or discharge plan is something youRead More

Alcohol on the Brain

Alcohol is a drug, and over time, it can cause drastic changes in the brain. The length of time a person drinks, and the amount consumed are variables that may have lasting effects. As addiction takes over, it changes the brain in three distinct ways: it begins to crave alcohol, it makes you continue drinkingRead More

How Can I Ask for Help if it Could Mean Losing My Career?

The disease of addiction is hard enough to deal with, but couple it with the stigma that surrounds it and you’ve got a double-edge sword. For those addicts and alcoholics who have professional licenses, seeking treatment may present a sticky situation. Some employers have come to the 21st Century party and are willing to putRead More

What If I Can’t Stop Using?

If you know what it’s like to come to in the morning, swearing that you’ll never drink or use again, only to find yourself taking a slug of vodka, popping another pill, shooting another dose, or snorting another line, you are just like millions of us with the disease of addiction. No matter how hardRead More

Can I Still Travel In Sobriety?

For many of us, leaving the house was a feat in active addiction, and the only reason we did so was to hit the liquor store or score from our dealer. We may have had dreams of going and seeing the world, but in that state, those dreams were only fantasies. Even if we didRead More

High-Functioning Addicts: 5 Signs

The stereotypical archetype of an addict doesn’t typically include a person enjoying a great deal of professional and personal success. This type of addict appears to be holding it all together, all while hiding a secret addiction from everyone around her. All too often, friends and family don’t find out about the addiction until she’sRead More

Why Does Time Feel Different In Recovery?

The recovery slogan mainstay of living life “One day at a time,” are five words that have had a big impact on many of us living our lives clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. Before we came to recovery, our days were never-ending blurs of misery—reminiscent of a dark, addiction-riddled Groundhog Day with theRead More

Hateful to Grateful

Addiction can leave us scarred, wounded, afraid, and angry at everything and everyone around us. We might feel victimized, alone, and untrusting of anyone that comes near. These feelings are normal. We’ve been hiding behind them and keeping them close like body armor for what can be, a very long time. Once the numbing effectRead More