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What Should I Expect in the 1st Week of Alcohol Detox?

If you are considering checking into medical detox, you may already have an idea of what it feels like to not have a drink for a little while. In roughly 6 to 8 hours after your last drink, you may start getting symptoms like the shakes, sweats, nausea, and heart palpitations, amongst others. These symptomsRead More

The Perfect Step

We are not perfect beings. In fact, we are far from it. Imperfection is what makes us unique, and being human is what makes the idea of being wholly perfect unattainable. There are some things however, that we can do perfectly. We may not be perfect, but we do have the ability to take actionRead More

What Strengths do You Gain from Early Recovery?

When it comes to early recovery, keeping it simple can go a long way. Getting clean and sober is one of, if not the most difficult, yet rewarding life choices we will ever make and live. Some days you may not feel up to the challenge, but so long as you don’t pick up aRead More

On Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a state of mind that many addicts and alcoholics new in recovery have a  difficult time finding for themselves. It’s a magical word, forgiveness. It feels like a release, and really, that’s exactly what it does. When you forgive someone, you release the anger, hurt, sadness, and fear that hold you back fromRead More

What Causes an Overdose?

The sad reality of addiction is the inherent price tag of death from overdose. It can happen to anyone; long-term addicts or even first-time users are at risk of a fatal overdose. This occurs when the human body can no longer process a drug, and symptoms of overdose occur, followed by possible death. The mostRead More

My Skin Is Uncomfortable

Most people in recovery can relate to the feeling of wanting to run and hide when any inkling of your true self is exposed. Addiction covered our true selves up, and swathed us in layers of numb comfort that no one could peel away. Some will say that they felt uncomfortable long before they drankRead More

What is a Cross-Addiction?

Also referred to as a ‘substitute addiction,’ cross-addictions are a common, but very real threat to the clean and sober time of an addict or alcoholic. What often happens, is when someone gives up one addiction, they will substitute it with another—often without knowing it. The new addiction doesn’t even have to be a chemical.Read More

Easy Does It, but Do It

Strangely enough, getting worked up and stressed out often feels easier than just letting things happen as they come. “Easy does it” is an Alcoholics Anonymous suggestion that actually takes some work and a little practice to learn. Newcomers in early recovery have a tendency to see people, places, and things as all or nothing.Read More

Can I Send a Holiday Care Package to a Loved One in Detox?

If your loved one has made the courageous decision to change his or her life by going into detox to get sober, you may be feeling like you want to do a little something special for them. Receiving a care package in detox touches the heart more than you probably know. Most addicts and alcoholicsRead More

Believe in Abundance

Addiction may have depleted any beliefs you held before it ripped your life apart, and early recovery may have you feeling a little lost as to what is in store. When we get sober, we start to reflect on what addiction has taken from us, and how it has impacted our life paths. It’s easyRead More