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5 Strategies for Healthy Family Communication

Communication is a key element to maintaining healthy relationships with others. It’s important to convey thoughts, ideas, and feelings in any relationship by using any form of communication. We communicate with co-workers, friends, partners, and even strangers. In a family with a loved one who is an addict, it is imperative to develop and maintainRead More

8 Benefits of Family Counseling During Treatment

Families go through stressful situations at some point in life. They may experience death, sickness, financial hardships, divorce, or mental illness. Some also face addiction, which can unravel families at the seams, physically and emotionally. Addiction is a family disease. One person may use, but the whole family suffers and families can use counseling asRead More

Why Do You Need Spontaneous Fun in Recovery?

One thing addicts often worry about when they begin recovery is whether they will ever have fun again. Sobriety can seem monotonous. Many people start drinking or using in the first place because their lives felt painful or tedious. Maybe they felt less self conscious at parties or noticed everything seemed more interesting when high.Read More

Can You Convince Someone to go to Treatment?

Watching a loved one spiral downward into the grasp of addiction is scary, lonely, and heartbreaking. It’s a feeling of helplessness as they continue to use every day, and there is nothing you can do or say to stop it. You can convince someone to go to treatment, but not if they don’t want helpRead More

Why Do You Need a Consistent Routine in Recovery?

The early days of addiction recovery are the most dangerous. If you have been in a rehab facility you will find yourself adjusting to a new environment at the same time as you try to adopt a healthier lifestyle. A consistent routine can help you deal with these changes as you move forward. Here areRead More

Chronic Relapse: Why it Happens

A person living with an addiction learns a new way of life with the substance they use. The life they once knew has changed. They stop thinking about things like family, employment, and friends. Instead, they are constantly think about the next high. The euphoric effects of some drugs are so intense that the addictRead More

What’s Happening to Your Body During Withdrawal?

The outward symptoms of withdrawal are apparent. While different drugs have different withdrawal symptoms, some symptoms are common for many drugs. These symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, irritability, shaking, sweating, headaches, and nausea. What’s actually happening inside your body to cause these symptoms is less obvious and depends on what drug you are trying to getRead More

Detox is Your First Lesson in Learning to Relax

Detox, as the name suggests, is mainly the process of getting the toxic substances out of your body in a safe and relatively comfortable way. It’s the first thing that has to happen on the way to recovery. Detox is also an opportunity to learn a skill that will be crucial to your recovery–relaxation. LearningRead More

What is Crystal Meth?

Crystal meth is short for crystal methamphetamine, and it is a highly addictive drug that affects the central nervous system. It comes in clear, white chunks or crystal-blue rocks. Crystal meth is also known as “ice” or “glass”, and it is often used at parties. Users inhale it through a small glass pipe, or mayRead More