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10 Things You Learn About When You’re in Detox

It may not sound like it, but detox is akin to a mysterious excursion into the great unknown, and believe this: you do not want to miss it, nor will you regret this journey.

Addiction Is a Disease

Yes, you heard that right. That seemingly unbeatable desire to use, even when you don’t want to, is a disease. So are all those thoughts that made you question your sanity. Addiction is as much a disease as cancer and diabetes. Unfortunately, it’s the only disease that friends and family get mad at you for having. Luckily, there is a solution.

Your Sleep Bank Deficit Is Real

Addiction is exhausting. You probably already feel sick and tired of being sick and tired, but now that you’re not running around like a maniac trying to score a fix, you just want to sleep, a lot.

You Knew Your Addiction Was Bad, But It’s Worse Than You Thought

Once the mental fog clears, you may not recognize yourself in the mirror. Health hasn’t exactly been a priority, and now you’re staring back at someone who had an appointment with the grim reaper.

Everyone Here Has Problems

Some problems may be worse than others, but the root cause is the same:
addiction. You may have avoided people like the plague in recent times, but now you can actually relate to them. In fact, you may even feel as though you found your new tribe!

You Are Afraid. Very, Very Afraid

Drinking and using masks our feelings, and can give us the illusion that nothing can touch us. When you go to detox, everything about it is terrifying; giving up your addiction, not knowing how to live without it, wondering if you’ll make it through, are all scary thoughts. What’s more terrifying though, is having to wake up feeling like death warmed over, day after day. Once you get through detox (and you will), you never have to do this again.

Eating Becomes Exciting

A word of caution: if you’re one of us shakers, you may want to steer clear of soup until your hands calm down. Addiction doesn’t give you many choices, but detox does, and food is only the beginning. Eat up, your body will thank you.

What Goes In Must Go Out

Yes, it means what you are thinking. Drugs and alcohol did a number on your body, and flushing it all out is quite the experience. Drink a lot of water, this too shall pass.

You Want to Shower

Let’s face it, hygiene takes a back seat in addiction. Once you start feeling better, a hot shower, brushed teeth, and clean clothes are heavenly. You may even start caring about your appearance. Once the shakes wear off, wearing eyeliner or shaving your beard isn’t as hazardous as it once was.

Hormones Are Plentiful

You may be surprised how eager people are to become romantically involved.
Rehab romance is a bad idea. Those waters have been tested, and trust me, you do not want to go swimming in that hole.

You Didn’t Think You Could Do It

You haven’t been clean and sober for this amount of time, in who knows how long. You feel better with each day, the world looks a little different, and at last, you have hope. Be proud of yourself, and keep going; it’s worth it because you are worth it.

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