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Who Gets to Decide Whether I am an Alcoholic or Not?

There are many questions and opinions about alcohol and addiction. Sometimes people are confused about consumption guidelines and wonder if they fall into the category of being a problem drinker who struggles with alcoholism. There are some clues and cues as to whether a person has a drinking problem. Drinking Habits Versus Addiction When aRead More

Why Drunkorexia is a Dangerous Trend in Drinking Behavior

College students tend to drink more than non-college peers, on average. Drinking responsibly is not normally seen on the average college scene. Risky drinking has been given a new term “drunkorexia” which refers to restricting calories and not eating to prevent weight gain from alcohol. This is not just a serious risk for college students,Read More

Why Do Phobias and Drinking Behavior Co-Occur?

Phobias are a group of anxiety disorders which cause fear of an event, action, or thing that is often irrational. Fear is either something that is unlikely to occur or not harmful if it were to happen. A wide range of phobias can create panic for people with drinking behavior as well, what is knownRead More

What are Alcohol Interactions?

Alcohol is a potent drug on its own, and when combined with other chemicals, the side effects can range from mild to severe. It can cause death on its own, and when mixed with other substances, it can be especially dangerous. There are roughly 6,398 substances that should not be mixed with alcohol. Yes, youRead More

After Detox, Can I Drink Socially?

If you are wondering whether you can leave detox and attempt to drink like people who don’t have a problem with alcohol, you are not alone in asking this question. Were you ever able to control your drinking and not obsess about it? If you are like a lot of us, the last time weRead More

That Three Drink Feeling

Warm and fuzzy, confident and happy, social and secure. The drink does for alcoholics what nothing else ever has—unless you’re in recovery. That three drink feeling is something many of us chase, but most of us don’t stop there. That’s the thing with alcoholics—and drug addicts—once we start, we’re like boulders rolling downhill with noRead More

The First Drink Has the Last Say

Many ask themselves, “If I just have two or three, I should be ok, right?” Ten drinks later, they’re pounding their fists on the bar wondering where it all went wrong. It’s too bad they weren’t thinking, “The first drink will cost me my wife, kids, house, job, and sanity. The second drink will onlyRead More

What Makes an Alcoholic Drink?

If you ask an alcoholic this question, she may look at you as if you asked why a dolphin comes up for air. Alcoholics drink because it is second nature to us, and it’s just what we do. The disease of alcoholism is an incurable one, and our brains are trying to kill us onRead More