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Who’s Really in Charge Here (Hint: You)?

People are often discouraged by life because it feels like everything is out of their control. No matter what happens, it feels like everything is happening to you and not in your favor. It can help in early recovery to be reminded that a higher power is in charge. You can worry less about whatRead More

How Do I Reclaim My Health in Recovery?

Taking back your physical health can feel like a challenge when you are trying to repair lots of damage done over a number of years. Your body has to undergone a process from detox to recovery that helps you re-learn how to function in this new (sober) body. Learn some tips for how to healRead More

The Power of Letting Good Things Happen

Good things come in small packages is usually the way people phrase how they experience goodness. However, the power of goodness does not have to be confined to a small box. It can be a big box of awesomeness. When you are finally able to let good things happen to you in recovery, you startRead More

Where Do I Find Courage to Grab My Lifeline and Get Help?

It can be very hard to find courage and ask for help. When we finally reach for that lifeline, it can feel like rock bottom comes before it happens. Now is the time to muster up the courage to move forward, seek help, and finally start the journey of healing from addiction. Crashing Down ItRead More

What Are Some Tips to Boost Self Esteem Following Relapse?

Relapse happens to many people. Even so, you might feel alone, frustrated, even angry with yourself. Your self esteem might feel like it’s falling down the tubes, but there is hope. You can work to restore your self respect following relapse. Try these tips to help boost yourself back up again. Restoring Self Respect WhenRead More

Can Acupuncture Help with Opiate Addiction?

Finding relief from chronic pain has, in part, fueled the opioid epidemic. There are a vast number of reasons why the opioid crisis is spiraling out of control, but it is the people who are struggling with addiction that suffer the most. Acupuncture has been making headlines as a way to support people who struggleRead More