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The Power of Letting Good Things Happen

Good things come in small packages is usually the way people phrase how they experience goodness. However, the power of goodness does not have to be confined to a small box. It can be a big box of awesomeness. When you are finally able to let good things happen to you in recovery, you startRead More

Why it Helps to Laugh Often in Recovery

Laughter is the best medicine, which has many benefits. It is almost always best to laugh with others because it is better than laughing alone (and it’s more fun). The challenging circumstances at work (and life) make it hard to laugh sometimes, but necessary if we are to make it through the challenges. Learn whyRead More

The 7 Reasons it May Be Time to Give Tiger nuts a Try

Tiger nuts are largely unknown, especially when it comes to their nutritional value. Spain promotes tiger nuts for horchata, a sweet drink. Several scientific studies have found lots of nutrients in the tiny little nuggets. That is why it may be time for you to give this superfood a try. High Fiber A tiger nutRead More

How Ikigai Can Help You Live With More Purpose

The idea behind slowing down comes from the feeling that everyone seems to live in hyperspeed mode. Technology is forcing people to keep up at a faster pace with friends, family, and work commitments with seemingly little respite site. Enter: ikigai. A Japanese word that loosely translates to ‘reason for being.’ Find out why ikigaiRead More

Summer’s Comin-Stay Sober with These Handy Tips

Ah, the beautiful summer days are nearly upon us with endless sunshine and plenty of parties and fun to be had. People love the summer activities and feeling of relaxation warmer weather brings. Cookouts, outdoor games, and plenty of trouble from temptation if you’re not careful. Learn how to stay sober this summer and stillRead More