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Can Acupuncture Help with Opiate Addiction?

Finding relief from chronic pain has, in part, fueled the opioid epidemic. There are a vast number of reasons why the opioid crisis is spiraling out of control, but it is the people who are struggling with addiction that suffer the most. Acupuncture has been making headlines as a way to support people who struggleRead More

How Do I Break Down the Revolving Door of Addiction Rehab and Relapse?

Addiction relapse can happen to anyone at any time in recovery. Breaking down that revolving door of addiction and relapse can feel challenging, even with the support of friends and family. Part of the challenge is figuring out what triggered relapse to support better recovery. This can take time (and multiple attempts) to get cleanRead More

The Challenges and Risks of Supervised Inhalation Sites

Supervised inhalation sites are starting to emerge in North America; Canada, to be exact. The building of a trusting relationship is more important than helping people use drugs safely-at least that is the argument for opening up supervised inhalation sites. The challenges are risks are far greater than most people realize. Learn more about whatRead More

Let Go of Rehab Fears if You Want to Get Ahead

Nobody really likes to think about going to rehab, in fact some people are downright afraid of it. It is not an easy choice to make, to be sure, but it is the best way for some people to finally kick the habit. Not all people with addiction will admit it but among one ofRead More

How to Make Peace and Joy Your New Drug of Choice

Recovery is an exciting time for people who are ready to experience something new in their journey to sobriety. Making that first step seems hard because it was never meant to be easy. Once you are on the other side of it, you are able to finally seek some peace and joy rather than keepRead More

What Can Zebrafish Tell Us About Opiate Addiction?

A recent study was conducted about opiate addiction using zebrafish, whose neurological structures are similar to humans. They were showing signs of addiction to drugs, which can provide an open door for testing therapies that support addiction recovery. More therapies mean more options for people who are fighting the increasingly challenging battle against opiate addiction.Read More

The Truth About Being Accountable in Recovery

Accountability in recovery takes a long time to navigate. Learning that you have addiction and it is your responsibility to own it can feel like a heavy burden at first. The truth is, it gets easier over time. Denial is not going to help you get further in recovery. What will help is embracing theRead More